3SG (SXE10) High Power Profile Camshaft
Part No. Angle Lift Price Remarks
14111-XE1-001 268 IN 12.0 ¥50,000 Standard springs can be used.
For best effect, use TODA Up Rated Valve Springs.
*Can idle with STD ECU. (*Not the best.)
14121-XE1-001 264 EX 11.0 ¥48,000
14111-XE1-020 290 IN 13.3 ¥58,000 TODA Up Rated Valve Springs required & TODA Cam Pulleys recommended.
In order to use with VVT system, a programmable ECU will be required to control VVT function range. VVT oil line is provided to camshafts.
14111-XE1-021 295 IN 13.3 ¥58,000
14111-XE1-022 300 IN 13.3 ¥58,000
14121-XE1-010 280 EX 13.0 ¥55,000
14121-XE1-011 285 EX 13.0 ¥55,000
14121-XE1-021 295 EX 13.0 ¥55,000
There is no enough clearance between valve spring retainer and stem seal. The bottom of the valve spring retainers need to be cut off 1mm.
Cylinder head modification of cam lobs recess is required.
A modification may be required to #1 cam cap since there is no enough clearance between the cam cap and cam lobs.
*Designed for 33mm valve lifter (bucket).
*Cannot be used for AT engine.