F20C/F22C S2000
F20C/F22C Heavy Duty Chain Tensioner
To maintain correct tension and to overcome the oil pressure auto tensioner's weak-point, preventing the valve timing slipping under engine braking. Work with heads that have up 1mm shaved off the deck face.
Recommend to use with TODA Heavy Duty Chain.
F20C/F22C Heavy Duty Chain Tensioner
Engine Type F20C/F22C
Part No. 14510-F20-000
Price ¥25,000
*Thicker head gasket than genuine (0.6mm) can not be used.
*Cylinder head milling up to 1.0mm is allowed.
< Modification > - 2014/02
Inner structure of a F20C chain tensioner has been modified to be sturdier.
In order to indentify the modification from an external appearance, "Ver.2" mark is added below TODA logo.