All production is done in house, so a high standard of quality is assured.

Opening Valve Rate Improved - By improving the opening valve rate via the smooth acceleration and the smoothing of the transition from closed to open the period of time that the valve is open for is greatly improved. So by using the principals of quick but smooth actions more air can be drawn through the engine.

Non-symmetrical - The cam profile of both the opening and closing phases of the valve lift are not symmetrical, as the closing phase is extended slightly reducing the impact of the calve when it returns to the seat. Making the valve return quietly to the seat, reduces friction, improves reliability and at the same time reduces valve train noise.

Material Quality - We do not only pursue improvements in power output (via, mechanical design) but we also pursue material quality, in particular the relationship between the contact face of the cam, rocker arms and cam followers, so helping to reduce friction further. We also conduct research into the thermal process on the surface of the cam.
All this data forms the basis for the production of many prototypes where bench tests are carried out alongside actual racing. With everything done in house there is no room for compromise and so you can only benefit from our constant search for improved performance.

-High-strength and light weight anodized Duralumin A-7075 is extensively used in both the pulley and the inner plate. Creating a cam pulley that is highly accurate, super light and highly rigid.
-Accurate valve timing for all situations.
-Can be used with the original camshaft.
-The adjustments can be carried to 1 deg of the crank angle. (0.5 deg of the cam angle)

HIGH ACCURACY Differing from the standard sintered one piece pulleys. The Toda adjusting cam pulley is made up of two sections (pulley and inner plate) allowing independent movement between the two. This freedom combined with the vernier type graduations (1 deg of crank angle, 0.5 of cam angle) enables the timing to be adjusted accurately giving maximum results.
(Excluding NSX, SR20, M16A)

SUPER LIGHTNESS Duralumin A-7075 is used extensively for both its lightness and its high rigidity in both the plate and the cam pulley. With both improved design and material changes an average weight saving of 30% is found. Along with weight reductions comes a reduction in inertia so increasing the engines responsiveness.

HIGH RIGIDITY By using Duralumin A-7075 and good design, Toda pulleys have high rigidity. High rigidity leads to improved timing accuracy for either standard or high performance camshafts. Anodized to prevent wear especially form contact with the belt.

-The progressive pitch coil springs are used to prevent valve spring surging and improve the natural frequency.
-High strength Si-Cr steel & ultra high strength Si-Cr steels are used.
-Designed for high lifts.
-Depending on engine type egg shaped wire is utilized.egg

The objective of the standard valve lash adjuster is quiet running and minimum maintenance. The standard lash adjuster can leak, this can lead to problems in maintaining the required clearance, leading to a drop in performance.
*To enable the full potential of the cam to be realized, oil pressure tappets should be replaced by solid tappets.

Replacing the original outer shim designed tappet with an inner shim design not only helps in reducing friction but improves security.
*Strongly recommended for competition engine.