SR20DE/DET Silvia, 180SX

Normal 4 valve per cylinder engines use 1 cam lob per valve. But the SR engine uses a single rocker to operate 2 valves. This though increases stress on the lob. Stress is further increased when up rated valve springs and higher lift cams are used. Because of this, TODA Racing has developed a cam with a larger overall diameter. This drastically reduces the stress, leading to improved valve timing and reliability.

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SR20DE/DET High Power Profile Camshaft
SR20DE/DET Camshaft for lash adjuster used (Convertible S14)
Part No. Angle Valve Lift Price
14121-SR0-011 264EX 10.5 ¥22,000
*Standard lash adjuster used.
*Can be used with NVCS.
SR20DE Camshaft for N-2 Racing
Part No. Angle Valve Lift Price
14111-SR0-R01 296IN 13.0 ¥75,000
14111-SR0-R11 304IN 13.0 ¥75,000
14121-SR0-R01 288EX 12.8 ¥75,000
14121-SR0-R11 296EX 12.8 ¥75,000
14121-SR0-R21 304EX 12.8 ¥75,000
*NISMO/N2 head required.