AE92/101/111 LEVIN, TRUENO
AE92 /101/111 FIGHTEX Damper KIT
Kit contents Damper + Spring + Pillow ball upper mount
Model AE92/101/111 (LEVIN, TRUENO)
Part No. 51500-AE1-000
Price (KIT) ¥282,000~
*Please ask
Price (damper only) 51502-AE1-000
*Please ask
Price (damper + spring) 51501-AE1-000
*Please ask
Supplied spring rate
Front 8K-200
Rear 6K-200
Accessories Rear helper springs
Design F/R: Up side down design
*Only available for standard strut type (Can not be installed to Super strut type).
-Spring rate can be changed at the time of order with no additional cost (depending on the spring rate, damping force may need to be changed with extra cost).
-Damping force can be changed at the time of order. (Additional charge ¥20,000 ~ /set)

Damper KIT contents: Damper, main spring, rear helper spring, front pillow-ball upper mount, spring upper seat, spring lower seat, lock seat, car height adjustment wrench, damping force adjustment wrench, instruction manual.
Note: Basically Fightex damper is designed to be based on the standard upper mount. When pillow-ball upper mount kits are not available, the spring upper seat for the standard upper mount is provided.