FIGHTEX Damper Setting

-The above graphs show various settings using an identical damper. The different damping characteristics are a product of varying the combinations of the parts shown below.
-Fightex dampers are subjected to simulation damper tests, circuit and gymkhana tests, along with long-term road testing. A special point is made in our street use FS damper series, were a wide range of adjustability in both bump and rebound are included to give the user a wide range of options for different situations.
Final tuning of the damper is carried out in conjunction with a racing driver and our damper test driver were demands for improved performance are balanced with requirements for street use.
-Damping characteristics can readily be changed when either purpose and/or working conditions vary from that of the original specification Fightex damper.

Piston Valve Adjustable Needle Valve Jet Bleed Holder Valve Shim Stack
Piston valves varying in size and design from 35Ø ~ 46Ø. Various damping characteristics can be achieved (See above graph). Over 30 kinds of needle valves varying in shape. Various damping characteristics can be achieved in combination with Jet Bleed Holder (See above graph). Enabling 18 steps damping adjustment. Jets varying in shape. Along with various needles, the jet is used to give differing damping characteristic, which vary from car to car (see above graph). Damping ratios vary from the very soft to very hard typically range of 140% ~ 170% above that of the original damper. Shims. A large selection of shims (over 40 kinds), varying in both diameter and thickness, to give various damping characteristics (See above graph).

An In-house machining center.
Piston valve production.
An In-house machining center.
Damper bottom bracket.