Type TypeDA
Kit contents Damper + Spring + Pillow-ball upper Mount
Model FN2 (CIVIC TypeR)
Part No. 51520-FN2-000
Price (KIT) ¥278,000
Price (damper only) 51522-FN2-000 ¥235,000
Price (damper + spring) 51521-FN2-000 ¥253,000


Pillow-ball bush (R ¥10,000)
Supplied spring rate
Front 10K-200
Rear 8K-160
Adjustable height range to standard height Front approx. -10mm ~ -50mm
Rear approx. -5mm ~ -50mm
Design F:Upside down design / R:Standard design
Remarks *The car height adjustment unit is included for rear spring position.
*STD rear spring's upper rubber seat requires a small modification.
*This product is developed and manufactured base on 2007 right hand drive vehicle.
Spring rate can be changed at the time of order (A price is the same).
Spring rate kgf/mm (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22)
-Damping force can be changed at the time of order. (Additional charge ¥20,000 ~ /set)

Damper KIT contents: Damper, main spring, car height adjustment lower unit (rear), pillow-ball upper mount (front), spring upper seat, spring lower seat, lock seat, dust boot, car height adjustment wrench, damping force adjustment wrench, instruction manual.
Note: Basically Fightex damper is designed to be based on the standard upper mount. When pillow-ball upper mount kits are not available, the spring upper seat for the standard upper mount is provided.