Pillow-ball upper mount ¥27,000 / left right set
*DC5, EP3 ¥48,000 (rear) / left right set

Model Type Front Rear
Part No. Type Part No. Type
51675-S14-000 AJ 52675-NR2-000
SILVIA S14 51675-S14-000
52675-S14-000 RG
SILVIA S15 51675-S14-000 AJ 52675-S14-000 RG
SKYLINE GT-S HCR32 51675-NR3-000 RG 52675-NR2-000 RG
SKYLINE GT-R BNR32 51675-NR3-000
52675-NR2-000 RG
SKYLINE GT-S ECR33 51675-NR3-000 RG
52675-S14-000 RG
SKYLINE GT-R BCNR33 51675-NR3-000 RG 52675-S14-000 RG
SKYLINE GT-R BNR34 51675-NR3-000 RG 52675-S14-000 RG
STAGEA WGNC34 51675-NR3-000 RG 52675-NR2-000 RG
MARCH AK12 51675-K12-000 AJ - -
Model Type Front Rear
Part No. Type Part No. Type
CIVIC/CR-X EF9/3/7/8 51675-EG6-000 RG 51675-EG6-000 RG
EG6/2/8/9 51675-EG6-000 RG 51675-EG6-000 RG
CIVIC (TypeR) EK4/9 51675-EG6-000 RG 51675-EG6-000 RG
EP3 51675-DC5-000 AJ *3 52675-DC5-000 RG *3
FD2 51675-FD2-000 AJ - -
FN2 51675-FN2-000 AJ - -
INTEGRA (TypeR) DC2/DB8 51675-EG6-000 RG 51675-EG6-000 RG *3
DC5 51675-DC5-000 AJ *3 52675-DC5-000 RG *4
ACCORD (EuroR) CL1 51675-CL1-000 RG 52675-CL1-000 RG
CL7 51675-CL7-000 RG 52675-CL1-000 RG
NSX NA1/2 51675-NSX-000 RG 51675-NSX-000 RG
S2000 AP1/2 51675-EG6-000 RG 51675-EG6-000 RG
Model Type Front Rear
Part No. Type Part No. Type
RX7 FC3S 51675-FC3-000 AJ 52675-FC3-000 RG
FD3S 51675-FD3-000 RG 52675-FD3-000 RG
ROADSTER NA6CE/NA8C 51675-NA6-000 RG 51675-NA6-000 RG
NB6C/NB8C 51675-NB6-000 RG 51675-NB6-000 RG
(low down)
- - 52675-NB6-000 RG
NCEC 51675-NCE-000 RG - -
ATENZA GG3S 51675-GG3-000 RG - -
Model Type Front Rear
Part No. Type Part No. Type
LANCER CD9A/CE9A 51675-CD9-000 AJ 52675-CD9-000 RG
CN9A/CP9A 51675-CN9-000 AJ 52675-CD9-000 RG
CT9A 51675-CT9-000 AJ 52675-CD9-000 RG
CZ4A 51675-CZ4-000 AJ 52675-CD9-000 RG
MIRAGE CJ4A 51675-CN9-000 AJ 52675-CD9-000 RG
Model Type Front Rear
Part No. Type Part No. Type
LEVIN/TRUENO AE92/101/111 51675-AE1-000 AJ 52675-AE1-000 AJ
MR2 SW20 51675-SW2-000 AJ 52675-SW2-000 AJ
AW11 51675-AW1-000 AJ 52675-AW1-000 AJ
MRS ZZW30 51675-ZW3-000 AJ 52675-ZW3-000 AJ
SOARER/SUPRA MZ20/MA70/JZA70 51675-A70-000 RG 52675-A70-000 RG
MARKII/CHASER/CRESTA JZX90/91/100 51675-X90-000 RG 52675-X90-000 RG
LEVIN/TRUENO AE86 51675-AE8-000 AJ *1 - -
ALTEZZA SXE10 51675-X90-000 RG 52675-XE1-000 RG
COROLLA FIELDER ZZE122 51675-ZW3-000 AJ - -
86 ZN6 51675-GDB-000 AJ 52675-ZN6-000 RG
Model Type Front Rear
Part No. Type Part No. Type
IMPREZA GC8 51675-GC8-000 AJ *1, 2 52675-GC8-000 AJ *1, 2
GDB/GDA 51675-GDB-000 AJ *2 52675-BG5-000 AJ *2
LEGACY BG5/BD5 51675-GC8-000 AJ *2 52675-BG5-000 AJ *2
BH5/BE5 51675-GC8-000 AJ *2 52675-CD9-000 RG
BRZ ZC6 51675-GDB-000 AJ 52675-ZN6-000 RG

AJ:Camber angle adjustable type.
RG:Camber angle fixed type.
-Fightex pillow upper mount does not have spring upper seat. When required it, please purchase separately. If you install Fightex pillow upper mount to other coilovers, please confirm size or specification when ordering.
-Fightex damper upper seats are designed for ID60 straight springs. ID60 springs are standard fitment on Fightex dampers (full set purchase).

*1: Can be used with standard springs. Please contact us, as a different collar is required.
*2: The top thread of the damper can be either M14 or M12. The Fightex damper and Fightex pillow upper use a M14 nut. Please contact us in the case a M12 pillow-nut is required, so that modifications can be made. Unless stated M14 nuts are provided.
*3: The pillow upper mount is designed to directly locate the ID70 spring. Ride height will not change if replaced with standard upper mount, as the dimensions are the same. (Price 48,000 yen/right and left set)