F20C/F22C (AP1/AP2) S2000

TODA Exhaust Manifold
(TODA Standard vs. "Torquie-kun")
S2000 Testing TODA exhaust manifold

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Note: The high efficiency of the original TODA Racing Exhaust Manifold for F20C has more than proved itself as a competition product. With continual development we have now released an alternative version. Above is a graph of the standard TODA Manifold and "Torquie-kun" after bench testing. The graph shows a 3 H.P difference at max power in favor of the TODA standard manifold (RED), and a fuller torque and power curve from Torquie-kun.  
Designed competition purpose for TODA standard exhaust manifold was increased more torque in a practical range.
-A bench test (Equal length 4-2-1 + Taper) design
Ø45mm → Ø50mm → Ø55mm → Taper → Ø60mm
*Taper design is adopted from feedback from both racing and the bench testing.
*The 50mm diameter part of pipe in middle was extended length properly.
-Racing high flow junctions design
Each section of the manifold has optimized pipe lengths, diameters and angles as well as high flow junctions.
-With the service adapter for A/F sensor
-Made of light weight stainless steel for both durability and looks
-Flange manufactured by high precision machining center
-The standard catalyst can be installed.
F20C/F22C (AP1/AP2) TODA "Torquie-kun" Exhaust Manifold (4-2-1 SUS)

Engine type

F20C/F22C (AP1/AP2)
Part No. 18100-AP1-001
Price ¥190,000
Size <Equal length 4-2-1 + Taper> Ø45mm → Ø50mm → Ø55mm → Taper → Ø60mm
*Engine mount needs to be removed to install.
*Grinding of engine mount might be required.