In order to get the best performance, engine power, efficiency, this exclusive exhaust manifold design takes into consideration not only the special characteristics of the K24A engine but also the results of an extensive bench testing program.
-A bench test (Equal length 4-2-1 + Taper) design
Ø45mm → Ø50mm → Ø55mm → Taper → Ø60mm
*Taper design is adopted from feedback from both racing and the bench testing.
-Racing high flow junctions design
Each section of the manifold has optimized pipe lengths, diameters and angles as well as high flow junctions.
-With the service adapter for A/F sensor
-Made of light weight stainless steel for both durability and looks
-Flange manufactured by high precision machining center
-The standard catalyst can be installed.
Remove the rear pipe and replace with the catalyst.

K24A(CL9/CM2) TypeS/200HP Spec Exhaust Manifold (4-2-1 SUS)

Engine type

K24A (CL9/CM2)
Part No.
Price ¥225,000
Size <Equal length 4-2-1 + Taper> Ø45mm → Ø50mm → Ø55mm → Taper → Ø60mm
Close-up internal port of header  
[Two way style]  
The catalyst installed For competition use