Ultra Light Weight Chrome Molly Steel Flywheels
TODA original design, race proven
With developing flywheels for TODA Race programs, we have come to understand the most desirable characteristics required for the ultimate flywheel. Along with our racing experience we now use CAD solid modeling workstations, to further reduce stress and to improve weight distribution and inertia.

Example: Toyota 4AG flywheel; TODA's chrome molly flywheel vs. standard flywheel. 48% of the weight and 42% of inertia.
Precision and durability, a product of high precision CNC machining and a 2 part heat treatment
The production of a TODA chrome molly flywheel can be broken down into several sections. 1st the basic flywheel shape is machined out. Then the 1st of two heat treatment processes is carried out, which hardens the chrome molly it is then slowly cooled down to restoring some flexibility. After which the final detailed machining is done. With finally the 2nd and final heat treatment giving the clutch face and the gear teeth a greater wear durability rate and rust prevention.
Precise processing by machining center
Removal of weight from the outer edge of the flywheel is the best way to reduce the inertia. All machining is done on a CNC Machining Center, to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and balance found in TODA's chrome molly flywheel.
Accurate processing by CNC lathe
A CNC lathe which gives us the high level of detail is indispensable. TODA racing manufactured flywheels come without sharp edges and acute angles. Curves are used to blend all sections together so reducing the stress found in the flywheel enabling it to work safely in the extreme environment that it has to work in.

TODA RACING Chrome Molly Steel Flywheel + HIgh Power Clutch KIT
>Super response. Improved circuit lap times by shortening braking distances.
TODA's three part kit, flywheel + strengthened clutch cover + strengthened clutch disc.
>Set balanced by dynamic balancer.
>The clutch disc, choose from either a sports disc (non asbestos) or a metallic disc.
TODA RACING Dynamic Balancer
Special set price is set for each model as TODA Flywheel + Clutch Cover & Disc + Well-balanced