2ZZ Increased Capacity 1933 KIT Low Comp (for TURBO/SC)
Retaining its original bore size but extending its stroke from 85 to 91.5mm to give a displacement of 1933cc. Other cars using the 2ZZ engine can also benefit from the improved performance. Two versions have been designed a high compression version for normally aspirated 2ZZ engines, and a low compression version for the 2ZZ engine using either a turbo or supercharger. Please use according to your requirements. Connecting rod bearing clearance is measured and set by our highly skilled technicians.
Toyota’s 1ZZ flywheel must be used. The clutch disc and plate of the 2ZZ can still be used.

"2ZZ TODA Heavy Duty Oil Pump" designed to replace the standard oil-pump with improved material and finish. Recommended for any body either sports driving or circuit driving.

2ZZ Increased Capacity 1933 KIT Low Comp (for TURBO/SC)

Engine Type

Option - TODA 1ZZ Flywheel
Part No. 13001-2ZZ-TR0-I
Price (set) ¥517,000 ¥547,000
Bore×Stroke ø82.00×91.5mm
Displacement 1933cc
Crown Volume *1 -11.5cc/-13.38cc
Projection Height *2 -0.35mm
Reference C/R *3 Standard head GK t=0.7mmξ≈9.5:1
*1:Crown volume is measured "from the piston shoulder"/"from the deck of the block".
*2:Piston shoulder height is measured from the deck of the block.
*3:The compression ratios given above are only to be taken as a guide, measurements are required.
*1ZZ flyweel required.

<Speficication Change> - 2019/6
Due to the specification change of the connecting rods, con-rod metal bearings to select have also changed. For the detail, please contact us.

KIT Contents
1 TODA forged piston KIT (ø82.00mm Low comp spec)
2 SPL crankshaft (Long stroke, High accuracy dynamic balanced)
3 I section chrome molly connecting-rods (Fully floating with bush & balanced)
4 Connecting-rod bearings (Bearing clearance has been adjusted)