Special Honing
The cylinder block operates under both mechanical and heat stresses. TODA's special honing process heats the block and along with the use a dummy head recreates the forces found in the block under normal operating conditions. This process helps to improve piston to bore sealing giving you more power.

B16A/B16B/B18C Power Liner KIT

Engine type

Part No. 11102-B16-003
Price ¥120,000 (Installation & Special honing)
Liner thickness When a ø82 piston is used, liner thickness is reduced to 2.8mm in the thinnest section and 6.0 mm in the flange section.

KIT Contents
1 Using a machining center for precision and accurate cylinder boring.
2 Insertion of the liner paying careful attention to keeping distortion to a minimum.
3 Minimum grinding of the cylinder block deck.
4 Cylinder boring & honing with dummy head. (ø81.00~ø82.00mm / ø83.00mm for Racing use only *5)
*5: When 83mm piston is used, liner wall is thinner & reliability is inferior.