*Big valve can be used (IN ø36mm, EX ø32mm)

BP (NA8C/NB8C [~ JUN 2000]) High Comp Forged Piston KIT

Engine type

Part No. 13010-BP0-000
Price (set) ¥97,000
Bore ø85.00
Displacement 1928cc
Crown Volume *1 9.8cc/7.0cc
Projection Height *2 -0.5mm
Reference C/R *3 TODA head GK t=0.8mmξ≈11.0:1
*1:Crown volume is measured "from the piston shoulder"/"from the deck of the block".
*2:Piston shoulder height is measured from the deck of the block.
*3:The compression ratios given above are only to be taken as a guide, measurements are required.