TODA pistons are actively used in GT racing.

All production is done in house so a high standard of quality is assured.

-TODA manufactured pistons are formed using a 3000tonne press.
-The latest CNC machines are employed, to produce high quality and reasonably priced state of the art pistons.

-A new concept in 3 dimensional piston profiles.
The basic form of a piston profile is that of a barrel. This desired shape which is designed to 1/1000mm is reached after being subjected to both high physical and thermal loads through both racing and bench testing. This continual process helps us to refine our understanding of optimum piston performance.
With everything done in house there is no room for compromise and so you can only benefit from our constant search for improved performance in our 3D profile pistons.
-Defric coatings are applied to the piston skirt to reduce friction and to aid initial running in.
-High Quality: All pistons are balanced to within ±0.25g.
-Improved oil removal system.
-High strength piston pins.