The piston TDC gauge is used to determine TDC precisely. To install simply replace the spark plug with the gauge.
Knowing the exact position of the piston is the base from which cam timing is measured.
>Can be used with either concavo or convex type pistons due to the 20mm stroke of the gauge.
>Available for 14mm and 12mm spark plug engine.
(Can only be used on a vertically and centrally located plug engine.)
Dial gauges that use conventional magnetic stands can be difficult to attach to the engine, as well as having other problems such as working in confined areas and needing a deep reach. The use of extension rods connected to the dial gauge can be prone to bending or sliding if not correctly positioned leading to unclear readings.
Toda Racing's Piston Top Dead Center Gauge gives you the accurate readings through its long reach and secure fitment.
Piston Top Gauge
Size 14mm 12mm
Part No. 99000-10000 99000-10001
Price ¥28,000

Optional Inner Shaft for Top Gauge
Part No. 99000-10000-1
Price ¥5,000
Remarks 30mm longer than stcok
*Please adjust length for your needs.