This product makes the installation of the piston and piston rings into the cylinder block a formality. Engine tuners can have confidence that the installation was successful as the piston ring slider greatly reduces the chances of ring damage.
 When conventional piston ring compressors are used even our highly experienced technicians need to uses the up most care and attention. This is because of the strength of the piston rings. With conventional ring compressors they often get out of shape mainly because of the force of the piston rings enabling the ring to jam against the top of the block. This is difficult enough with STD blocks which generally have a chamfered edges. With racing blocks this chamfer is reduced for both performance and durability purposes making the insertion of the piston and rings into the block that much harder. In the worst cases the piston ring turns or is damaged (underside of the rings) when the tool moves. These problems can go unnoticed until the engine is started or for some time after that.
 TODA piston sliders remove these problems. This is especially helpful for the first time engine tuners.
Other sizes not listed can be made to order.

Piston Slider
Price ¥9,000
Bore size Part No. Bore size Part No.
ø81.00mm 99000-08100 ø87.50mm 99000-08750
ø81.25mm 99000-08125 ø88.00mm 99000-08800
ø81.50mm 99000-08150 ø89.20mm 99000-08920
ø82.00mm 99000-08200 ø90.50mm 99000-09050
ø83.00mm 99000-08300 ø92.00mm 99000-09200
ø84.00mm 99000-08400 ø92.50mm 99000-09250
ø85.00mm 99000-08500 ø93.00mm 99000-09300
ø86.00mm 99000-08600 ø93.50mm 99000-09350
ø86.50mm 99000-08650 ø99.50mm 99000-09950
ø87.00mm 99000-08700    
*Customization for other bore size is possible. Please contact us.