SR20DET Silvia, 180SX
-High accuracy dynamic balanced.
-Proved itself in the Japanese GT championship.
-Used together with TODA's chrome molly I sectioned connecting rods for the best performance.
-Counter weights are used to reduce vibration and flexing, to help improve the durability of both the engine
and bearings.
-Improved flywheel security by the use of larger sized bolts. (RNN 14 bolt set required)
*With larger bolts employed, all flywheels will have to be modified.
-A single long crank key is used to increase durability. (Crank key and inputshaft pilot bush included)
Production will end.

SR20DET T Crankshaft (for TODA 2200KIT) (Stroke 92.00mm)
Part No. 13310-SR2-000
Price ¥500,000
Stroke 92.00mm