SR20DET Silvia, 180SX

The standard bore of the SR20 engine is designed with mass production and costs in mind. The cylinder bore is designed in two sections the top section is aluminum and the lower section is a steel liner. Fine for standard power outputs, but to achieve large power figures this is not suitable. This is due to the top aluminum section of the bore which distorts under high power outputs leading to blown head gaskets as well as damaged piston rings.
TODA Power Liner kit is a one piece liner that gives improved sealing under higher power outputs.
-The kit has been designed to take into account heat expansion found between the liners.
-The material used to make the liner, was chosen for its hardness and low wear rate over similar materials.

Special Honing
The cylinder block operates under both mechanical and heat stresses. TODA's special honing process heats the block and along with the use a dummy head recreates the forces found in the block under normal operating conditions. This process helps to improve piston to bore sealing giving you more power.
All machining and assembly of the SR20 Power Liner Kit is done in house (Japan).

SR Power Liner KIT
Bore ø86.00~ø87.50mm


Installation & honing Installation & special honing
Part No. 11102-SR0-002 11102-SR0-003
Price ¥170,000 ¥185,000

KIT Contents (NOTE: Available on block being sent to Japan)
1 Using a machining center for precision and accurate cylinder boring.
2 Insertion of the liner paying careful attention to keeping distortion to a minimum.
3 Minimum grinding of the cylinder block deck.
4 Cylinder boring & honing with dummy head. (Available for bores from 86.0mm to 87.5mm)