Over 5000rpm, VTEC KILLER CAM developed only for Racing.

This product has been redesigned in response to the requests from B series race engine customers. This change allows to gain higher performance.
Valve lift 12.0 →12.5 (IN), 11.5→12.0 (EX).

B16A/B16B/B18C VTEC Killer High Power Profile Camshaft
Part No. Angle (valve lift) Price
14111-B16-006 285 (12.5)  IN ¥62,000
14111-B16-011 295 (12.5)  IN ¥62,000
14111-B16-016 305 (12.5)  IN ¥62,000
14121-B16-006 285 (12.0)  EX ¥62,000
14121-B16-011 295 (12.0)  EX ¥62,000
14121-B16-016 305 (12.0)  EX ¥62,000
*Standard valve springs can not be used, TODA Up Rated Valve Springs required.
*Standard ECU cannot be used.
*Valve guide projection height needs to be adjusted.
*A bottom of a the cam holder pipe may need to be modified.

→Here is Camshaft set, EX head plugs, and Spool valve cover.