Over 5000rpm, VTEC KILLER CAM developed only for Racing.

Disabling the VTEC system removes fluctuations in oil pressure system, securing a reliable oil feed to all the main moving components.
K20A VTEC Killer High Power Profile Camshaft
Part No. Angle (valve lift) Type Price
14111-K20-106 295(13.0) IN ¥69,000 
14111-K20-111 300(13.0) IN ¥69,000 
14111-K20-116 305(13.0) IN ¥69,000 
14111-K20-120 310(13.0) IN ¥80,000
14111-K20-125 315(13.0) IN ¥80,000
14121-K20-106 285(12.5) EX ¥64,000 
14121-K20-111 290(12.5) EX ¥64,000 
14121-K20-116 295(12.5) EX ¥64,000 
14121-K20-120 300(12.5) EX ¥75,000
14121-K20-125 305(12.5) EX ¥75,000
14121-K20-130 310(12.5) EX ¥75,000
*Standard valve spring cannot be used.
*TODA Up Rated Valve Spring required
*TODA Cam Sprockets required.
*When installing, please confirm that there is enough valve to piston clearance, valve to valve clearance, cam lobe to follower clearance on VTC operation.
*Programmable ECU with tunable VTC required. Customers discretion required on selecting an ECU.
*Caution the exhaust finger follower (roller rocker-arm) may need modifying, due to contact with the cam lob.
♦Made to order
*This product is recommended to use in conjunction with the following Toda products.
Rocker Arm Plugs, Rocker Arm Spacers, Spool Valve Cover