F20C/F22C S2000
Over 5000rpm, VTEC KILLER CAM developed only for Racing.

Disabling the VTEC system removes fluctuations in oil pressure system, securing a reliable oil feed to all the main moving components.
F20C/F22C VTEC Killer High Power Profile Camshaft
Part No. Angle (valve lift) Type Price
14111-F20-005 295 (13.0) IN ¥75,000
14111-F20-010 300 (13.0) IN ¥75,000
14111-F20-015 305 (13.0) IN ¥75,000
14121-F20-005 285 (12.5) EX ¥75,000
14121-F20-010 290 (12.5) EX ¥75,000
14121-F20-015 295 (12.5) EX ¥75,000
*Always confirm that there is enough, valve to piston clearance, valve to velve clearance, cam lob to follower clearance.
*Caution: finger follower (roller rocker-arm) may need modifying due to contact with the cam lob.
*Standard valve springs cannot be used.
*TODA Up Rated Valve Springs required.
*Standard ECU cannot be used.
*This product is recommended to use in conjunction with the following Toda products.
Rocker Arm Plugs, Rocker Arm Spacers, Spool Valve Cover, Free Adjusting Cam Gears, Heavy Duty Timing Chain, Heavy Duty Oil Pump Chain, Heavy Duty Chain Tensioner